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springhouse is a project combining research, an artists’ residency, a programme of performances and a festival. So far, springhouse has taken place four times in different places in Dresden. In 2017, it will be run for the first time by HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, Dresden.
The central focus of this research is HELLERAU Festival Theatre, its ad- joining buildings and the outdoor area with the Golgi Park inter-cultural garden. The entire premises will be “occupied” by the invited artists, transformed, repositioned and set in an artistic light. HELLERAU will serve as a workplace, a studio and an arts venue, following the exact same principle as the utopia of the “Laboratory of Modernity” set up over a hundred years ago.
The over-arching topic of springhouse 2017 in HELLERAU is “SCALE”.
In their aesthetic practice, the artists invited deal with various scales (architectural, ethical, historical), integrating the venue's architecture and history into their works. They examine different scales, question conventions, test generalised standards and rewrite rules.